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Free Content Streaming And The Movietube App

Content streaming apps have always been popular, both on mobile platforms and PCs. There are many quality apps that allow you to stream content on the go, including movies and TV shows, for a charge. This is mostly the case. You want to watch some movie, pay for it and you are good to go. But there are some apps that allow you to stream content for free. So here, you don’t need to pay at all for streaming content. But these apps have always had certain problems like limited content and buggy app, with no proper updates.

The New App in the Market

So let’s talk about MovieTube, an app that is trying to defy these problems. It is available for mobile devices and allows you to stream content for free. There’s no need to even register for an account. The accessible content include movies and TV shows. The app also provides content in various languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi. The collections also include music and animated movies. The app also allows you to stream content in different qualities, depending on your internet speed. The app also categorizes content based on the genres and so browsing through titles is easy.


Ground Reality

The app itself is decently built. The interface is pretty simple but lacks any visually stunning animations. The navigation within the app is just fine too and the app works smooth most of the times. But it often gives errors and crashes. The developers claim to have solved the issue with an update. Although, the app isn’t available on Play Store and you need to download it from its website. But the process is a breeze and the website provides instructions for downloading and installing the app.

The Story Of Pestemal Or Turkish Towel

Historically, one of the world’s largest producer and weavers of cotton has been Turkey. The rich upland-type cotton sown in the regions of Black Sea and Aegean regions has long fibres, which means it has less joins is given its cherished softness and durability. The tales about the origination of Turkish towels is about 100 years old and has not been verified. A small town called Babadag , situated in the mountains of Southern Turkey is said to be the place where Turkish towels are said to have been originated.  The story is related to a craftsman who used to weave rugs in a looped style to earn his livelihood. Earlier towels were woven to be flat.

Kas Turkey colorful pestemels

The craftsman experimented the loop style of the rugs into weaving towels with multiple loops. As a result of this towels woven were softer and super-absorbent than original towels. This looped weaving gave birth to Turkish towels and its global fame.  Once Turkish towels became famous, they came to be associated with traditional customs. One such ritual was the pre-wedding ceremonial bath for the bride and other important occasions of her life.  The Turkish bathhouses or hammams also employed the use of Turkish towels which were specifically designed for heads, hips and shoulders. Traditionally the Turkish towels were woven on handlooms which produced only four to five towels per day. The coming of industrialization the expedited the production process and in no time Turkey started exporting these towels to Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia.

The Turkish towels have a distinctive method of production. First, it is supposed to be made of cotton. Second, the weight of the fabric must be 14 ounces for every square yard. People also insist that a Turkish towel should be undyed and white because white stands for an infinite quality and does not bleach or fade away.


Turkish towels are also called as terry towels or pestemal. There are dry quickly, have extra absorbency and become softer with every wash and are available in all sizes. They are extra soft with laced hems and their fabric is designed with colourful stripes that are a mark of the exquisiteness.  They can folded into a small piece of cloth and can be stashed away in smaller spaces. They have a wide variety of uses and  they can be used as hand towels, bed runners, table cloths, sarong, shoulder wraps, furniture covers, dish towels, scarves, beach towels as well holiday gifts.

Breaking through Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has been a huge craze in the markets since its recent launch. It is a location based augmented reality game that has been developed by Niantic. It hit the market with its huge success and already secured for itself a huge gamers-base. With every novel game comes in the expectation to find shortcuts. These are a list of Pokémon Go cheats that can be effectively used while playing. To secure pokéballs the player must move around to find them or buy them using pokécoins. Since this is time consuming, the player instead can resort to keeping the app open even while not playing so that the eggs get more time to hatch. DSCF2294__1_.0 A common blunder by many players is collecting same pokemon which is not really useful. Instead if the player rejects charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle (initially offered pokemon) for about three-four times the player will encounter a Pikachu that they have to simply then zoom and catch. Another amazing way to get free stuff is by defending gyms. Another one of the  Pokémon Go cheats is a tool called Pokémon Go Hack which has an online and an offline version. hqdefault

It lets players sit back and enjoy the game without playing it the hard way and finding items and leveling up or buying any in-app purchases. The plus point of this tool is that the player need not worry at all about security and safety of using the cheat. The tool is designed in such a way that the player will not be able to be tracked down because they mask and integrate ip proxy. To download this one can easily find it online and read the instructions to know the method of usage. The player should remember to use Poké stops well and not unnecessarily buy things at a digital store.

Caller ID Spoofing And The Problems Associated With It

Caller ID spoofing is a practice of misleading the receiver regarding the identity of the caller or from where the call has been placed. In this case when the receiver receives a call from a spoofed ID the receiver would not actually know the real identity of the caller since it would display a different number on his or her phone. Though Spoof Calls can be made as a part of a prank on a friend or a person belonging to one’s social circle but the term has been commonly associated with hiding the caller’s identity for malicious intent on part of the caller.

how to spoof caller ID

The practices of caller ID spoofing has been used by law-enforcement officials and private investigators as well in order to assist in their line of work. The first mainstream caller ID spoofing service was started in 2004 through a website It allowed the user to place Free Spoof Calls through a web interface. The site shut down its operation a year later as many other similar websites arrived in the market.

In the past caller ID spoofing has been used for several illegal and illegitimate purposes as well. Caller ID spoofing has been used in purchase scams related to popular e-commerce websites such as eBay. Fake caller IDs of ambulance companies and hospitals were used as a bait to get people to pick up the form as  a part of election campaign. The motive behind this was to get the attention of potential voters.


As of June 2012, a Google search returned over 50,000 complaints by consumers who reported receiving continuous spoofed calls regarding advertisements and other purposes. While it is understandable that people might have some fun playing prank on others using Caller ID spoofing but it must be realized that this very piece of technology has led to so much of problems including scams, scandals, corruption and exploitation of the consumers. Though a Scam Alert was issued by the Internet Crime Complaint Centre regarding this very problem a few years back but the truth is that the problem of spoofed calls persist till date and some serious actions need to be taken against this technology and its exploiters sooner rather than later.

Live In Luxury At Marina One Residences

Marina One Residences is a luxury construction that has a number of features to offer its residents. These include island wide connectivity via the expressways and MRT. The Marina One Residences showflat is ready for people to see. The amenities for this construction consist of 5 different MRT lines which East Region Line, Downtown Line, Thomason Line, North South Line and Circle Line. Using the Marina Coastal Expressway is one of the easiest ways to travel in Singapore and it helps commuters connect with the AYE, ECP and KPE.368553-realty-housing-rna The designs for the Marina One Residences are handled by Ingenhoven architects who are well known all over the world. One of the best things you will notice when you visit the Marina One Residences showflat is the design which is unique and stands out. The entire design is eco-friendly and sustainable. While the design screams luxury, it pays equal attention to the environment.457052-real-estateeconomydevelopentgetty-images

Marina One residences are a part of the residential component of Marina One. It is part of a unique integrated development that allows all its residents to work, live and play within the same area. The recently released Marina One residences showflat displays the state of the art facilities being planned for the residents. The Marina One residences comprise of two amazing residential blocks made of 34 floors. The total apartments in these two towers are approximately 1,042. Residents of Marina One will also enjoy amazing facilities such as a 50 meter swimming pool, fancy spa seats inside the swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, aqua gym, teppanyaki terraces, wine room and a private dining room. Marina One also prides itself as the only residential development in the city that has a garden within. Marina One is also flanked by two amazing parks – Central Linear Park and Marina Station Square.

Marina One is located in one of the best areas of Singapore, Central Business District. This area has been designated as a high growth area that is used to establish global financial and business hub. Residents of Marina One will also enjoy shopping at various designer stores and taste the best cuisine at the best dining options in their area itself. Marina One residents will also enjoy connectivity across the island via expressways and MRT. It is expected that up to 5 MRT lines will connect directly with Marina One. These lines will be North South Line, Thomson Line, Circle Line, East Region Line and Downtown Line.

The Marina One Residences showflat will give you a glimpse of what the complex will have to offer. The construction will be ready soon and considering the amenities that come with the property, the demand for apartments here is high which is why it is essential for you to act fact if you want to invest in the property here. The aim of the Marina One Residences developers is to create an urban living environment that provides everything that a person needs on a daily basis in and around them. This helps them to save on time they would initially invest to travel and also help them get home quicker.

There are also plans to develop an underground link to the MRT station at the Marina Bay and the Downtown station. For residents of the Marina One, accessing many parts of Singapore is extremely easy. This is possible via the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) that connects ECP, KPE and AYE. Marina One has bagged various prestigious awards at the glamorous Asia Pacific Property Awards held in 2012. These awards were ‘Best Mixed Use Architecture’, ‘Best High Rise Architecture’ and ‘Best Mixed Use Development’. Marina One has also received recognition for its environment friendly and sustainable design.

These include LEED Platinum Pre certified for Marina One West Tower and Marina One East Tower, BCA Green Mark Platinum Rating for all Marina One Residences and BCA Green Mark Platinum Rating for the Marina One West Tower and the Marina One East Tower. The residences in Marina One have the potential for tremendous growth due to its location. It is perfectly located new the new CBD and the Future Waterfront City. This project is already attracting foreign investment from global billionaires.

Watch All You Want With Kinox

Today, there are a bunch of movies and television shows coming up for everyone to enjoy! From children’s movies such as Finding Dory down to the action packed comedy Civil War, you are able to find a movie that everyone will love and rave about for the weeks to come. These media have become a trend that needs to be followed, because it isn’t only a way to stay in, but it’s also a way to entertain yourself and remove the stress from work or school! Whatever movie or show you want to watch, there’s surely someone out there who loves it as much as you do, which is what makes media very unique, as it connects people without trying.kinox.tos

Watching Your Favorite Movies or Shows

When you start to watch all your favorite videos, there’s something about it that makes you feel happy and complete. It’s a great way to end the work week, whether you’re alone or with loved ones who share the same interests as you do. Some friends and family even have the tradition of putting up a weekly movie or television series marathon, where they play all their favorite videos in one go without stopping! It lasts the whole day or night, and it gets even better with good food, quality movies, and fun company. You are all entertained, having fun, and strengthening the bond. What more can you ask for?

Streaming Online

Of course, a movie marathon isn’t complete without the proper movie playlist. But that can be a downfall. While there are millions of videos you would like to watch, there may never be the specific DVD or television schedule for you to catch! That is where online video streaming comes along. With streaming online, you are not only given a vast collection of all the movies and television shows, but you also get to skip the lines from the cinema and the commercial breaks on the television!


With the many apps and websites that cater to streaming videos, it may be a bit of a hassle when it comes to choosing the reputable website. That is where Kinox solves that problem. A free and legal website that has you streaming everything you want, you are able to not only watch your favorite movies, but you are also able to use its extra features as well! Bookmark your favorite videos, create a playlist, or even share it with your loved ones on social media! It’s all free of charge and requires no registration. All it’s waiting for is for you to start streaming.

In Conclusion

Kinox is one of the most recommended websites to stream all your favorite videos. Instead of waiting or wasting a lot of time and money for cinemas, have a movie marathon at home with good company and stream your videos online. Do it wherever you want, whenever you want, so long as you have the Internet connection and device to do so! What are you waiting for? Enjoy your movies now!

Malibu Rehab – The Best Of Its Kind

Undoubtedly, Malibu rehab is one of the finest addiction rehabilitation places in the world. The founders of the rehab centres here had one primary aim – to generate the best team of treatment professionals, who would make sure that you get absolute satisfaction and contentment during your stay here. One of the best things about this place is that you will not get lost in the crowd; they always give one-on-one therapy. Over time, the Malibu model has just become better and set a standard for all the other rehab centres. Instead of a hospital like atmosphere, they offer a private, homely retreat.

Addiction is not considered to be a disease here. At rehab centres like Passages Malibu and Malibu Promises Treatment centres, more importance is given to figure out what trauma caused your addiction and drove you to such an extent. Once that is known, then the healing process begins. An extremely sophisticated and hands on recovery experience awaits you, that too in most luxurious settings.


Based on specific needs of different clients, treatment is accordingly individualized. Being a beautiful beach city in Los Angeles County, California, there are lovely centres like Cliffside Malibu which offer holistic treatment and have full time assistance available, with the additional advantage of a stunning location, overlooking Zuma Beach and breathtaking views. It is a known fact that addiction affects every area of your life so Malibu rehab centres follow the same policy – that no area of your life remains untouched when it comes to healing too.

Long term recovery in all spheres, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or social is ensured. Alo House is another centre, in the very heart of Malibu which is known for providing one of the most authentic and honest treatment environments and giving its clients affordable luxury.

Addiction Medicine

The Malibu Beach Recovery Centres restore and rejuvenate the brain’s chemistry and the body’s natural system by following a neuro-biological approach, widely appreciated and immensely effective. The Malibu rehab model is innovative and consists of what you can call as the most tested and tried rehabilitation practices. Being the most sought after, these rehab centres have good reason to be so. They have unparalleled commitment to your healing and recovery and many have tried to replicate their ways but have failed in their endeavours. One thing is sure, no stone is left unturned at Malibu rehab centres to see that there is no relapse later and they go to all lengths for you to lead a normal life after your stay with them.

Methods And Attributes Of Buddhist Guided Meditation

Meditation is an age old practice. It is the method of meditating and thus training the mind to achieve certain mental, psychological or emotional benefits; or to acquire a state of higher consciousness. Meditation includes a wide range of meditative acts that provide different benefits.


Techniques of meditation are developed to promote certain states of mind. For example- relaxation, developing concentration, enhancing patience, power of forgiveness, love and compassion, creation of the life force or internal energy, the power of staying unperturbed etcetera. Now-a-days, meditation focuses on two prime achievements which are- development of concentration and acquiring the mental state of Jovial Agnosticism.  


Meditation provides physical well-being as well. Self-regulating and cleaning the mind off hustles, can ease off some of the physical issues such as- high blood pressure, neurotic problems, minor problems of the nervous system, anxiety and depression. The process and the practice are therefore popular worldwide! Different ancient religions and cultures have promoted the practice of meditation with different views and notions but the prospect remains the same till date. So does the remarkable contributions of it.

Role of Buddhism:-

Of all the religions in the world, Buddhism has been playing the most effective role in preaching, teaching and guiding the world to practice meditation. Involvement of awareness in daily activities as a method of training the mind is a famous practice of the Buddhist monks. Buddhist meditations are completely associated with the views and philosophies of Buddhism. Primarily, meditation is pursued in Buddhism to experience the state of “nirvana” or ‘Enlightenment’. The techniques are designed to help acquiring-

  1. Tranquility,
  2. Mindfulness,
  3. Insight and
  4. Concentration

Early Buddhist traditions point to different types of meditation, such as- proper mindfulness, proper concentration, and proper view. Mindfulness includes the foundations of the contents of the mental zone or psyche, the mind, feelings and the body. Serenity and Insight are identified as the paramount results or effects of a wholesome meditative practice, according to Buddhist views.


In Modern World:-

Guided meditation is led by Buddhists in an effective manner that arrests the attention of practitioners all around the globe. ‘Kadampa’ Buddhism has earned fame and appreciation for teaching the methods and techniques of core meditation. Geshe Kelsang, the famed Buddhist master, has worked dedicatedly and determinedly to offer all the necessary teachings required to helping the practitioners. ‘Kadampa’ has over 1000 centers stretched over almost 40 different countries. People from all religions and cultures can acquire the knowledge of meditations and its benefits with the provided guidings. Audio manuals and other teaching and chanting mantras and techniques are also provided.

Buddhist Guided Meditations helps to heal the minds of the practitioners and with all its wonderful attributes, leads the world to achieve peace and aims at making it a better place for the human civilization.

Atv Graphics Innovative Look To Ride

ATV graphics gives all new look to the vehicle. Now also the 4 wheeler vehicle could be given new look. The designs could be selected as per your own preference you can get the same printed on ATV may it be a brand new or an old one.The youngsters are really in love with this ATV graphics. They always want to give a new and unique look to their vehicle with this atv graphics. They just try to make the vehicle as cool as they are themselves so that it perfectly suits their personality. This atv graphics is one which you will love to flaunt to people and get appreciation for it. Nowadays you can customize with your own new design. If anyone don’t want a repeated or want something new can always customize with their own and get it printed.

Shop by category, brand or design

The price is low or high depending on the design you choose for your ATV. It gives your ATV a stylish look to make your ride a flaunty one. The atv graphics are available for various brands who manufacture these ATV like mentioned below and few more other brands.


  • FMF
  • Metal Mulisha
  • Moose
  • MotoSport
  • Suzuki OEM Parts
  • Yamaha GYTR0

The job is done also done category wise like you can start with the atv background, atv graphic kit and the number and the seats could also customized in the

Various companies offering the atv graphic service

  • graphics

They provide high quality services at affordable prices. This atv graphic does not come out even though you wash it heavily because the sticky material of the sticker is precisely good. The kit which used of a great quality. The services are mx stickers ktm and mX templates, atv templates and also the quad templates, husqvarna decal kits.

  • Invision art work

In vision Artworks graphics tools gives a shield protection and a thick but clear layer. The prices here are again affordable for everyone. The services which they offer are again great with various great stickers to give your ATV a complete new look. They deal also with sports bike graphics and various other vehicles graphics. The popular atv graphics which they have are Arctic cat wild cat graphics, YZ450F graphics, Raptor 700 graphics and the trending one LTR 450 graphics and many more other great graphic services.



Motocal communicates with all major competing manufacturers so that they can serve the best.all the customer choices are taken care by communicating to them. The Motocalatv graphics provide with great packages of not only the stickers but also the decals, and the funky and cool number plates, the creative show plates and wrapping as well.


At the end all I can say is that these atv graphic services are very much famous and growing trend in the life of youngsters who are really connected to sports and adventure in life. Besides above companies mentioned number of other companies provide with this services and make your atv look gorgeous and even more sporty.

Learn About The History Of Soccer

Soccer is played by more than 200 million people across the globe. These stats have been shared by the world governing body of soccer, Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The game of soccer has evolved from a simple animal hide ball to today’s technologically advanced sport. The history of soccer dates back almost 2,000 years to China. While Rome, Greece and various parts of Central America claim to have invented the sport, it was England that transitioned the game into professional ‘football’. The English are also credited with creating the very first uniform rules for the sport, which include rules such as not tripping opponents and not touching the ball with hands.


As the game of soccer evolved and developed, more rules were put in place. The very first penalty kick was put into place in 1891. Red cards and Yellow cards were introduced during the Soccer World Cup held in 1970. Other major rules include all goalkeepers unable to handle deliberate back passes. This rule was put in place in 1992. Another rule that was strictly implemented in 1998 was to penalize players with Red cards who would tackle from behind.

Some of the greatest soccer matches include the following:

  • A soccer match in 1953 between Hungary (6) and England (3). This match was the first time that England faced defeat at home.
  • The 1970 World Cup Final match between Italy (1) and Brazil (4). This match will be remembered for Brazilian legend scoring a hat-trick.
  • The 1982 World Cup Semi Final between France (3) and West Germany (3). This match made history as the first ever World Cup game to be decided on penalties.

The English Football Association has always made claims that they have given birth to modern football. While this claim was solid until 2011, historians seem to have uncovered a book that is titled Vocabula. This book was written by Aberdonian and explained a game in detail that was played on a pitch the same size as current pitches. This book also included terms such as kick off, keeper and switch halves. The shocking bit among all this is that this book was written in the fourteenth century. This was approximately over 400 years before the English FA being formed.


Here are some more amazing and possible unknown facts about the history of soccer:

  • The word ‘Soccer’ is nothing but a distortion of the phrase ‘association of football’.
  • There are a total of 32 panels on a traditional soccer ball. Each of the 32 panels represent the 32 countries in Europe.
  • In Europe, soccer uniforms as called ‘kits’ and cleats are called ‘hooves’.
  • Brazil holds the records for being the World Cup Champions the most number of times – 5 times.
  • The German Soccer team was prohibited from taking part in the 1950 World Cup held in Brazil due to Germany’s aggression in World War II.
  • The USSA was the first ever professional soccer league that was played in America between 1919 and 1921. Players earned 35 cents for each goal scored.
  • Soccer balls were made of executed Irish prisoner’s inflated stomach tissue until 1908.
  • Soccer was illegal in Mississippi until 1991.

To know more about the history of soccer, Go Here.

Kratom And Its Effects!

Humans have attempted to eradicate sickness and suffering for centuries and a variety of medicines have come in handy for this cause. Painkillers play a very important role in the field of medicine and many prefer natural painkillers over antibiotics. One such example is kratom, which is a native plant of Thailand, popular for its medicinal properties. Its leaves have been used time and again as a painkiller, to cure diarrhea, to treat opium addiction and so on. Low dosages will cause it to be a stimulant while higher amounts can result in sedation. Kratom leaves are often chewed in the raw form by the Thai locals. Powdering or crushing leads to an easier ingestion while some even add water, milk, chocolate milk or juice to improve the taste, since the bitter nature of the leaves tend to leave a lingering taste. Powdered kratom paste and kratom tea are also common recipes and one can buy kratom powder to prepare them.

Andrographis Paniculata Capsules

According to users, kratom is known to induce effects similar to that of opiate drugs, which is why addicts resort to kratom to overcome their addiction. As a stimulant, kratom works wonders to relieve a person of exhaustion and make him/her enthusiastic and motivated towards work. As a sedative, it leaves the user in a state of dreamy reverie and this effect can last for up to 5 to 6 hours. The question that would have crossed your mind would be as to whether this potent drug is addictive. If used responsibly, one can avoid forming a habit of using kratom. However, prolonged exposure might give rise to ahard habit and coming out of this habit may lead to undesirable withdrawal symptoms. The key is to limit oneself to an appropriate dosage.


Adverse side effects due to excess ingestion like muscle spasms, diarrhea and muscle jerking has raised concern over the years and the legality of this medicine has often been questioned. Kratom is strictly illegal in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Denmark and Myanmar. However, it is legal in all the other countries, which makes it the responsibility of the citizens to make judicious use of it, if required. Using drugs for recreational purposes is always discouraged as a tempted mind can easily fall into the trap of overdose. However, keeping in mind the positives that kratom has to offer to us, it is up to us to utilize this double edged sword carefully and not cut ourselves with it!