ShShowbox; The Most Amazing Android app For Free Unlimited Movies And TV Shows

In the media market there are very many different apps that have been designed for entertainment purposes. However very few actually give high quality images when streaming movies and TV shows, free of charge to your smartphone. In this case taking a closer look at Showbox should be done, as this is just what may be missing on your smartphone.


The Showbox App comes with a number of outstanding features that make it stand out, some of them are;

Free download and use

Developers of the application have ensured that it comes at no cost to all those in need. In addition when it comes to streaming of favorite TV shows, series, movies and even cartoons paying of monthly descriptions is not applicable.

HD Format Support:

The Showbox app supports streaming and watching in HD format. However the format is also based on the highest resolution your smartphone offers.
Supported Devices

The compatibility of the Showbox is wide, as it works with android devices, IOS and PCs. However for PC, use the Bluestacks Android Emulator. It also works on windows 7, 8 and Mac except for Windows XP.

Streaming Sources:

Instead of narrowing down by giving a list of where one can stream movies and TV shoes from, the range is open. This way streaming from various internet sources and websites is possible.


• Secure as showbox has uploaded a copy of their security, thus eliminating fears of being hacked

• Almost Ads Free as when watching movies only a few adds or no adds are displayed

• User Friendly Interface as its not only easy to navigate but also has an appealing appearance

• Huge Collection of Movies and Shows to choose from giving every user variety

• Share experience with friends on ShowBox


• Asks for precise location you are located in

With the fact that Showbox tackles most of the problems that arises with other entertainments apps for smartphones, makes it an ideal App for use. Still by guaranteeing unlimited HD images, downloading it and starting to use is advisable.